Burgundy Pears with Zabaione

Serves 6:
6 small pears 
1/2 l Burgundy wine
110 g sugar
6 Egg yolks
1/8 l sweet white wine
1 stick of cinnamon
1 Packet Vanilla sugar

Preparation: Remove the pips from the peeled pears and cook them 
with 50 g sugar, the burgundy wine and the cinnamon for 25 min.
Afte this the pears are kept in the wine refrigerated overnight.

Zabaione: The egg yolks are whipped with the rest of the sugar and
the vanilla sugar until they are creamy. Then put the bowl in a hot
water bath and stir the white wine under the cream.
The Zabaione should be immediatly served with the dropped pears.

recipe by Monika Gober       
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